Irish Seaglass

Thinking ahead never hurt anyone! St. Patricks Day is Coming!
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129twigandvine / sueschlabach

129twigandvine_garretstown_seaglass photograph by Sue Schlabach

Coming home from Ireland my suitcase was weighed down with bags of rocks and glass.

Not Waterford crystal—mind you—but far more precious glass to me: the seaglass we picked up on numerous walks along a little pebble beach called Garretstown, a few miles from our rented house outside of Kinsale in County Cork.

Garretstown isn’t the most scenic beach, or secluded. It’s an everyday neighborhood beach where families gather, elderly couples take their morning exercise, and fathers and sons play hurley by the waves. It is close to Old Head of Kinsale with its cliffs dotted with seagulls and its watchtowers that may have witnessed the sinking of the Lusitania off these shores in 1915.

Because it is a pebble beach, it is a giant rock tumbler, with millions of round interesting stones and all of it rolling in the daily tides to produce smooth, frosted sea glass in abundance.

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